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EnduraTile Rubber Gym Floor Tile with EPDM Layer

EnduraTile Rubber Gym Floor Tile with EPDM Layer

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Rubber Gym Flooring

The EnduraTile rubber gym floor tile with EPDM Layer is a great choice for gym flooring. This tile features a dual-layer construction, combining a durable 37mm SBR base with a sleek 3mm top layer of premium EPDM. Its unique design includes hidden plastic connectors underneath, ensuring the tiles stay firmly in place. The outcome is an impressive and secure gym floor surface.

The EnduraTile rubber gym floor tile range is an excellent choice for those who want a durable, slip-resistant, easy-to-maintain, and shock-absorbing flooring option that can help reduce the risk of injury and promote a safe and healthy environment. It’s a great option that can withstand the demands of a busy gym while providing a comfortable surface for users.

Key Attributes of the EPDM tile:

  • Superior, smooth finish
  • Excellent shock absorption to safeguard floors and gym equipment
  • Resilient yet slightly cushioned for comfort
  • Anti-slip properties for safety
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance and easy-to-clean
  • Compliant with UK standards
  • These tiles feature a subtle grey speckle

The 3mm EPDM top layer is a dense, synthetic rubber ideal for areas of high-intensity training. It is resistant to heat, highly durable, and boasts a neat, smooth appearance.  The 37mm Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) base is known for its excellent wear resistance and stability over time, making it an ideal choice for gym floors that need to withstand heavy weights.


  • L: 100cm x W: 50cm
  • Available in two thicknesses – 20mm and 40mm
  • Joining system – hidden plastic connectors underneath the tiles
  • Warranty – 12 months

Ramps are available, please Get in touch with us for details

Flooring can be a difficult element of your gym to get right, but it’s often the most important.  Get in touch with us for specialist advice on flooring types and installation options.  Work with us and we’ll make sure your gym flooring really is the foundation of your training space.




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