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RECOIL S2 Pro Premium Suspension Trainer

RECOIL S2 Pro Premium Suspension Trainer

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RECOIL S2 Pro Premium Suspension Trainer

Recoil S2 was designed to make workouts more efficient, more effective and more convenient. It take just a few seconds to set up and can be used pretty much anywhere. The exercises range is vast, targeting single and multiple muscle groups whilst also engaging your core. Resistance can be varied from almost zero all the way up to your full bodyweight. No matter what your fitness level, Recoil S2 is the perfect tool to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.


The RECOIL S2 PRO comes complete with LASHING STRAP, the BAG/DOOR MOUNT and the RECOIL MOUNT giving you every mounting option you will ever need. Ideal for fitness professionals and enthusiasts who train anywhere from the gym, park, home or hotel.

HEAD TO TOE ADJUSTMENT: RECOIL S2 has the largest primary adjustment range on the market. The straps can be adjusted all the way from head to toe and everywhere in between.

PUSH BUTTON ADJUSTMENT: The quickest and easiest strap length adjustment of any suspension trainer. Straps adjust simultaneously to any length with the push of a button.

EASY ADJUST FOOT STRAPS: The foot straps can be quickly adjusted to the exact size of your feet while your feet are already in place. Simply slide the handle down onto your foot for a nice snug fit, then slide it up again when you’re finished. This takes away any guess work and makes it super easy to get your feet in and out. The foot straps are extremely comfortable for those who prefer to exercise barefoot.

DURABLE RUBBER GRIPS: All RECOIL S2’s come with non-slip, textured rubber grips as standard. Comfortable, hygienic and made to last.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: RECOIL S2’s Patented design is compact, portable and efficient to use. Workout virtually anywhere without the hassle of busy gyms or expensive memberships.

TIDY AND TANGLE FREE: The entire strap length is stored inside the device with only the required length extracted during use. There are no annoying loose ends that can become tangled.

Included items

  • Recoil S2
  • Lashing Strap
  • Users Guide
  • Bag/Door Mount
  • Recoil Mount


Size: 13x11x8.5cm/5×4.5×3.5inch
Weight: 1.5kg/3.3lbs
Max User Weight: 150kg/330lbs


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