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EnduraTile Rubber Gym Floor Tile

EnduraTile Rubber Gym Floor Tile

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Rubber Gym Flooring

The EnduraTile rubber gym floor tile is an excellent entry-level gym flooring option.  Made from purified SBR rubber granules the tiles are highly durable and ideal for use in many areas of the gym, protecting training equipment and reducing noise when weights are dropped.  EnduraTile rubber gym floor tiles fit together with an under-tile peg system.  Fitting is quick and easy and requires no specialist tools.

EnduraTile rubber gym floor tiles are an excellent choice for those who want a durable, slip-resistant, easy-to-maintain, and shock-absorbing flooring option that can help reduce the risk of injury and promote a safe and healthy environment. It’s a great option that can withstand the demands of a busy gym while providing a comfortable surface for users.

L: 100cm x W: 100cm x H: 3cm



The type of gym flooring you choose will depend on your budget, the activities that will be taking place in your gym, and your personal preferences.

Suitable for a wide range of training styles. It can be used for strength training, conditioning, functional, and free-weight areas.

One of the main advantages of rubber flooring is its durability. Rubber is a highly resilient material that can withstand heavy use and resist damage from dropped weights, heavy equipment, and high-impact activities. This makes it an ideal choice for areas of a gym that see a lot of traffic and heavy use.

Rubber gym flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to stains and does not absorb liquids, making it easy to wipe down and keep clean. This is a key consideration for gyms and fitness centres, which need to be kept hygienic to promote safety and well-being of the users.

Rubber gym flooring is also shock-absorbent, which helps to reduce the risk of injury from falls and high-impact activities. This is important for athletes who are training for sports or other activities that put a lot of stress on the body.

Rubber gym flooring can also help reduce the impact of noise, making it a good option for areas where multiple activities are taking place at the same time.

Rubber gym flooring can improve the appearance and aesthetics of your gym or fitness center and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Finally, rubber gym flooring can be environmentally friendly. Many rubber flooring options are made from recycled materials, which helps to reduce waste and conserve resources. Rubber flooring is also a durable option that can last for many years, which can help reduce the need for frequent replacements.



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