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DuraTRAIN 32mm Premium70 Rubber Gym Tile

DuraTRAIN 32mm Premium70 Rubber Gym Tile

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For those with more of a creative flare, the DuraTRAIN 32mm Premium Rubber Gym Tile offers more opportunities for artistic expression through an assortment of aesthetically pleasing premium color blends. Exactly the same construction as the duraTRAIN 32mm rubber gym tile, but with the addition of a 100% non-porous top layer.  This layer is made from 100% recycled SBR rubber backing and topped with a recycled SBR/EPDM wear layer.  Choose from 10%, 35%, 70%, or 95% color blends, and be sure to take advantage of the ability to truly customise your floor with floor graphics and full-color logo application abilities.

DuraTRAIN 32mm premium rubber gym tiles are designed for a range of applications, from heavy-use weight rooms to strength and conditioning areas, to high-impact health clubs. The result of extensive testing, engineering, and a patented three-stage compression molding process, duraTRAIN tiles are backed by a best-in-industry 10-year warranty.

  • High-performance fitness flooring
  • Superior sound reduction – up to 26dB sound reduction (that’s 4 times quieter)
  • Excellent shock absorption and energy restitution
  • Tight seam lines provide superior aesthetics
  • Tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kg blunt force
  • Maintenance free
  • Tiles are 61 x 61cm x 32mm thick
  • Ramps and edges available
  • Choose from multiple colours

DuraTRAIN Performs Different Because It’s Made Different


Manufactured using a proprietary three-stage compression moulding process unlike any other system in the world – each tile is compressed with maximum quality and extreme durability.  This unique process allows the top wearing course of the system to be compression moulded to a significantly higher density, while the impact pedestals on the underside of the tile.  Many other flooring manufacturing processes utilize a single-stage, “top to bottom” compression method.


Manufacturing highly durable surfacing systems is more than just product design. DuraTRAIN rubber gym tiles use only the highest quality materials provided by the premier suppliers in the rubber and polyurethane industries.  All materials are certified to meet or exceed stringent specifications, and all raw materials are catalogued through retained samples for quality control purposes.


DuraTRAIN gym flooring tiles are 100% made by machine, meaning each tile can stay longer in the presses, ultimately making them stronger.

Environmentally Conscious

DuraTRAIN 32mm rubber gym tiles are made from 100% recycled truck tyre rubber, which is environmentally safe, more durable than car tyres (that many other gym flooring tiles are made from), and can be recycled again at the end of its lifecycle.

High Compression Wear Layer

Tested for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kg blunt force.

Raised Pedestals

Raises the impact surface off the floor and creates pockets of air space.  When impacted, this creates an “air-ram” effect, allowing the tiles to compress before releasing energy into the air space.  This allows energy to be dispersed over a much wider floor area than solid rubber tiles allow.

Patented Kross-Lock Design

A unique, omni-directional locking design allows the tiles to be firmly locked into place without the need for adhesive.  DuraTRAIN rubber gym tiles can be picked up and reconfigured to fit any changes to your facility.  Simple and efficient to install.

DuraTRAIN Gym Tiles are the Right Choice

The Safe Choice

ASTM and BS compliant for slip resistance in dry and wet conditions, and tested for temperature extremes, tensile strength, and tear strength. With DuraTrain you are getting the best product available in the market.

The Sound Choice

Training facilities are not always the quietest places, but with a 32mm thickness, the impact pedestal design, and the inherent properties of the rubber compound, DuraTrain 32mm gym flooring offers superior sound insulation and shock absorption, reducing vibration and sound travel both within your facility and in adjacent spaces. It’s been tested and proven to be quieter than a range of other floor coverings.

Smooth Integration

With ramped edge and corner profiles, our flooring can safely and seamlessly integrate with other flooring surfaces, as well as be routed around doorways.

Anything Anywhere

Not simply for use under equipment, DuraTrain is the first gym flooring system to give you a truly integrated flooring solution. Olympic lifting platforms can be seamlessly integrated – no separate or raised platforms – no trip hazards. The ultimate in flexibility – the whole area is useable – for anything!

Flooring can be a difficult element of your gym to get right, but it’s often the most important.  Get in touch with us for specialist advice on flooring types and installation options.  Work with us and we’ll make sure your gym flooring really is the foundation of your training space.


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