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RAZE Sleeved Battle Rope

RAZE Sleeved Battle Rope

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Sleeved Battle Rope

The RAZE sleeved battle rope is simple to set up and even easier to use.  You could easily be fooled into thinking a workout with a battle rope is going to be a doddle, but beware, just a few minutes with one of these will give you a seriously intense upper body workout and get your heart going – taking care of the cardio workout as well!

  • Made from a super strong, yet dynamic and flexible blend of polydacron – feels great to use and is very hardwearing (no fraying or shedding)
  • Both ends of the rope are thermally sealed
  • The addition of an outer nylon casing shields the rope from holding and retaining water, meaning it will not change weight and makes it ideal for outdoor use – especially early morning boot camps!
  • 1.5” (38mm) diameter
  • 30’ (10m) long rope is relatively light at just 8kg and is ideal for beginners and younger trainers
  • 50’ (15m) long rope is 50% heavier at 12kg – for a really gruelling rope workout!
  • The RAZE sleeved battle rope is also great for attaching to sleds for pulling drills


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