Raptor Elite

Raptor Elite

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Can be used by any ability level who want to develop the core strength, endurance, power and mobility that is demanded for today’s Soldier and Athlete.

• FoundationTraining
• Pre-Deployment
• OPS / Fitness
• Rehab
• Athletic Performance

Key Uses

• Optimal physical load carrying and core training system
• Enhance Bodyweight training and functional physical
training sessions
• Pre-deployment core training tool
• Maintain OPS fitness (gym in a vest)
• Rehabilitation anchor system for use by Physio with injured personal or athlete
• Heavy duty towing harness (casualty drags/sled/prowler)
• The training vest to prepare service personnel to wear Ops equipment
• Enhance Soldier and Athlete performance and reduce injury!

Key Features

• Max training weights 15-20-30kg available
• Safe weight distribution featuring fast in and out system
• Securely modulated 12/16/22 individual weight compartments
• Tough outer construction double layered materials for extended wear and tear
• Designed to fit securely but allow maximum mobility and comfort
• Anti-Bacterial Properties /Removable Coolmax liner for washing
• Wide range of functionality and connection for cables, bungee bands, webbing straps
• Training Raptor workout Ebook/App


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