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Raptor Elite

Raptor Elite

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Weighted Training Vest

The Weighted Training Vest can be used by any ability level who want to develop the core strength, endurance, power and mobility that is demanded for today’s Soldier and Athlete.

• FoundationTraining
• Pre-Deployment
• OPS / Fitness
• Rehab
• Athletic Performance

Key Uses

• Optimal physical load carrying and core training system
• Enhance Bodyweight training and functional physical
training sessions
• Pre-deployment core training tool
• Maintain OPS fitness (gym in a vest)
• Rehabilitation anchor system for use by Physio with injured personal or athlete
• Heavy duty towing harness (casualty drags/sled/prowler)
• The training vest to prepare service personnel to wear Ops equipment
• Enhance Soldier and Athlete performance and reduce injury!

Key Features

• Max training weights 15-20-30kg available
• Safe weight distribution featuring fast in and out system
• Securely modulated 12/16/22 individual weight compartments
• Tough outer construction double layered materials for extended wear and tear
• Designed to fit securely but allow maximum mobility and comfort
• Anti-Bacterial Properties /Removable Coolmax liner for washing
• Wide range of functionality and connection for cables, bungee bands, webbing straps
• Training Raptor workout Ebook/App


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