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RAZE Zenith Series Weightlifting Bar 20kg

RAZE Zenith Series Weightlifting Bar 20kg

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RAZE 20kg Weightlifting Bar

Made from the finest steel available the RAZE Zenith 20kg weightlifting bar delivers a truly first-class performance. With a tensile strength of 216k psi it’s exceptionally strong yet elastic enough to return true after each lift, and during the production process each individual shaft goes through a stress test to make sure it reaches our exacting standards.

The sleeves rotate on high grade needle bearings with a fluidity of rotation which is second to none, and the sleeve itself is made from seamless steel and finished with a light ribbing to prevent collar slippage.  The sleeve is attached to the shaft with a patent protected design called the ‘control ring’ which guarantees a rock-solid connection.

The knurl on the RAZE Zenith weightlifting bar follows precise IWF specifications and offers a fine yet grippy response without being too aggressive.

The longevity of the bar has been tested to 30,000 drops without deforming.

Men’s bar

Weight: 20kg
Shaft diameter: 28mm
Bar Length:  220cm
Loadable sleeve length: 41cm
Knurl: IWF
Tensile strength: 216k psi
Sleeve: Needle bearings
Max Load: 680kg


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