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Zenith Series Half Rack

Zenith Series Half Rack

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Zenith Series Half Rack Gym

We thought it couldn’t be done, but our engineers have managed to improve upon our Premium series racks. Bigger and stronger than ever, the Zenith Series half rack gym orientated machine really does take rack training to the next level.


• Rock solid bar hooks with 50mm HDPE centre piece to protect bar knurl
• Internal spot arms with HDPE protective strip
• 2 x integrated vertical Olympic bar holders
• Increased weight storage with 4 more posts
• Optional pull up bars have been redesigned to bolt on, meaning you have the freedom to choose the version best suited
• Increased strength, now more sturdy than ever, we’ve beefed up the uprights by over 30% to 160mm x 80mm x 5mm
• Improved Ergonomics by cutting the distance between the bar holder locators in half to just 60mm
• Upper & lower resistance band locations have been added giving the ability to add dynamic resistance when lifting

Weight Storage

Weight storage is now optional so you can purchase the rack on its own, or opt for:
• Standard weight storage is angled, allowing the rack to sit closer to the wall and reducing the overall footprint
• Straight back weight storage


L: 1430 mm x W: 2427mm x H: 2570mm


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