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RAZE Shadow XD Full Rack

RAZE Shadow XD Full Rack

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RAZE Shadow XD Full Rack

The RAZE Shadow XD Full Rack presents a highly modular design, with every function and feature from the half rack. The full rack includes an extra set of uprights that allows you to work either inside the rack or out in front, or can facilitate two athletes training at once.

Building on the original Shadow Series offering, the Shadow XD range creates a premium engineered feel from usability to design detail to an already versatile and effective system. Designed and manufactured in-house, the Shadow XD range uses enhanced material specifications to increase product longevity and fine-tune training possibilities.

The most significant change is the combination of the 70x70x3mm leg section profile using stainless steel to increases strength and resilience delivering a high-end finish. The new legs also feature numbered micro adjustment hole spacing, allowing for better specificity of attachment heights. All attachments are constructed with protective elements to ensure there is no metal-on-metal contact during training. This reduces excessive wear and tear and guarantees structural integrity is maintained or years to come.

Incorporate the Shadow XD range into your existing or new Shadow Series configuration for increased functionality, durability and personalisation.

Core Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
    The Shadow XD legs are entirely constructed from 304 stainless steel 70x70x3mm Section & 6mm plate meaning increased performance, strength and durability with a high quality finish to match.
  • Miro Adjust Hole Spacing/Numbers
    The Shadow XD utility legs also feature micro-adjustment or “Westside” hole spacing. This finer adjustment option spaces the functional holes at 25mm apart rather than the usual 50mm allowing users to fine tune any attachment position.
  • Customisable
    All racks in the Shadow XD range can be configured to optimise any training approach or space. There are also multiple areas that personal or professional branding can be applied. Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, and complete the personalised look with a laser cut frame logo.
  • No Metal on Metal contact
    The high quality finish and function is assured to last even longer with a carefully designed arsenal of attachments that feature plastic protective elements which allow for no metal on metal contact.
  • Attachment Arsenal Compatible
    Increase the functionality of any Shadow XD rack or configuration with he addition of a multitude of available compatible attachments. This variety of attachments include a dip, single leg squat/nordic, and row, to name a few.


Length 1798mm
Height 2461mm
Width 1737mm


Premium Finish

304 Stainless Steel

Brand Identity

Full Stainless Steel Frame Logo Personalisation

Precision Training

“Westside” hole spacing allowing users to fine tune any attachment position.

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