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RAZE Shadow Series Additional Cell Rig

RAZE Shadow Series Additional Cell Rig

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The RAZE Shadow Series Additional Cell Rig is what you need to add to the starter cell to increase the size, and functionality, of your functional training rig.  It contains 2 legs, 2 top sections, and a pull-up bar.  Available in two options:

  • ‘short’ cell (1100mm) – to create a lifting station
  • ‘long’ cell (1800mm) – perfect for a gap in between two lifting stations


  • 70mm x 70mm x 3mm uprights with precision laser cut and numbered bar rest holes, spaced every 50mm
  • Additional rig cells can be added to create a truly bespoke training rig
  • Combines with the Shadow Series storage and rack systems, giving you almost endless functionality possibilities
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • We recommend RAZE Shadow Series rigs are fixed to the floor
  • The RAZE Shadow Series Additional Cell Rig is manufactured to order and has a 6-week lead-time


  • D: 1770mm x H: 2456mm (width varies according to option)


What are the benefits of a functional training rig?


A functional training rig provides a wide range of exercises that can target various muscle groups, allowing for a diverse and well-rounded workout. It can be used for strength training, conditioning, bodyweight exercises, and other types of training.


With various attachments, a training rig can be customised to suit individual needs and goals. The different attachments can also be used to change up the workout routine and avoid boredom.

Attracts a wide range of members

Training rigs are popular with athletes, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. Having a training rig in your gym can attract a diverse group of people with different fitness goals.

Perfect for group exercise classes

A functional training rig can be used in a class setting to create a variety of challenging and engaging workouts for groups of people.

Made for Functional fitness

A training rig can be used to simulate the movements and activities of everyday life and sport, which can help to improve overall fitness and performance in a way that is transferable to real-life activities.

Suspension training

The attachments like TRX straps or ropes can be used for suspension training which is a great way to improve stability, balance, and core strength.


Buying a training rig can be cost-effective as it provides a wide range of exercises in one piece of equipment, as opposed to buying multiple machines or weightlifting equipment.

Want to design your own training rig?

If you’d like to discuss designing a bespoke training rig to perfectly match your training space, please get in touch so we can walk you through the options and help you create something truly unique.  Your rig will be designed and manufactured in Britain by our team of experts.


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