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The choice of world-class athletes and coaches for off-feet conditioning, interval training, and rehabilitation programs.

The Wattbike provides pure and precise indoor training giving performance improvements to the highest levels.

To be the best, you need the best.

Control your Resistance

Train with pure control of the air resistance and power applied to your muscles during a workout. If you’re doing a high-intensity session or a lighter recovery ride, you will change the amount of air reaching the fan, making it harder or easier to pedal, via the lever on the bike.

Translate Gains to Reality

Athletes and coaches around the world are using the Wattbike as their go-to off feet training tool. Use the Wattbike to transfer your training and de-load the impact of on-feet training, so you can push yourself harder.

Bluetooth Monitor

The Wattbike has a simple performance monitor that gives you all the feedback you need for your workouts. Custom-build workouts, set interval programs or access performance tests to suit the required session.

Perfect for multiple users

Easy set-up with simple lock levers and no power mains required – so you can train whenever and wherever.

Choose your pedals

Toe cage or cleats, you’ve got the choice. The Trainer comes with combination pedals so you can train in trainers or cycling shoes.

Easy resistance adjustments

Adjust the resistance using the lever on the bike to increase or decrease the amount of air reaching the fan. You can also add more resistance by turning the magnet dial on the bike.

Easy to move

Has two subtle wheels at the front to make moving it easy.


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