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RAZE Tactical 20′ Box Container Gym

RAZE Tactical 20′ Box Container Gym


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The ideal team training solution, the RAZE Tactical 20′ Box Container Gym provides the base for functional, movement-based training for sporting and military personnel.  The concept is based around using a 20′ shipping container with the internal space used for training equipment and storage, and training frameworks such as rigs and racks being bolted to the external walls.

The solution in the photo features:

  • 5m high rope climb station with integrated ladder and 36mm synthetic hemp rope
  • 6m long container fixed training rig featuring multiple training stations, such as two lifting stations, ball targets, grapplers, dip, step, and row bar
  • Separate half rack station, supplied with bar hooks and safety spot arms
  • Multiple pull-up bars and suspension trainer mounting points
  • All training framework is galvanised for all-weather protection

The RAZE Tactical 20′ Box Container Gym can also be custom configured to meet your exact training needs:

  • you can add gym flooring inside the containers
  • the containers can be insulated to protect equipment against the elements
  • your branding can be added to the containers and the shelter
  • training frameworks such as racks, rigs, rope climbs, and pull-up bars, can all be custom configured and fixed to the containers
  • the internal components of the containers, such as equipment storage, as well as equipment mix can all be configured

Fully Deployable

Developed using ISO containers, the RAZE Tactical 20′ Box Container Gym can be safely shipped to any destination in the world.  All the training equipment, including the rig and climbing station, can be stored inside, ready to be deployed and built up.  It can be ready for action in as little as 90 minutes.


Outdoor, Deployable, and Container based training facilities

Manufactured in Britain by IndigoFitness, the RAZE Deployable and Container Based Training Solutions are designed to take training outdoors, whatever the environment. Years of working alongside the armed forces and performance coaches has enabled us to develop a range of solutions to meet any training requirement, whether that be a small group system that needs storing away after every session or a fixed facility to cater for over 100 athletes. Benefitting from a range of unique features and using only the highest quality materials, our deployable training solutions will deliver for you, time and again.

Widely used by the British and U.S. Military, our deployable training solutions have also benefited a wide range of users such as schools, functional training gyms, sports clubs, and local authority leisure centres. Wherever you have under-utilised outdoor space, there is an opportunity to take one of our solutions and offer something extra to your members, pupils, or athletes. If you like the idea of an outdoor solution, but see something that exactly meets your needs, get in touch – we are designers and manufacturers and can turn your ideas into reality!


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