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RAZE Shadow XD Squat Handles

RAZE Shadow XD Squat Handles

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Available on backorder|Manufactured to order with a lead-time of 30 days

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RAZE Shadow XD Squat Handles

The RAZE Shadow XD Squat Handles provides benefit to any Shadow XD rack or rig. Fully height adjustable with an over-engineered design, the squat handle attachment delivers an athlete a wider range of options during a squat workout.

Typically coupled with the use of a safety squat bar the squat handles allow for
elevated stability, reduced force on the upper limbs, and a more vertical posture
during the squat exercise.

Shadow XD squat handles feature HDPE plates on the inside of the post clasp to create no metal on metal functionality. This protects the post and attachment from excessive wear and tear. The squat
handle attachment also features a fully knurled handle ensuring grip is never an issue. This attachment also lends itself to being used as a step to help to reach other
functionality at height, e.g. pull up bars.


  • Height adjustable
  • No metal on metal contact
  • Compatible with all RAZE Shadow XD racks and rigs
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • The RAZE Shadow XD Squat Handles is manufactured to order and has a 4-week lead-time


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