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RAZE Shadow Series Jammer Arms

RAZE Shadow Series Jammer Arms

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Available on backorder|Manufactured to order with a lead-time of 42 days

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Shadow Series Jammer Arms

The RAZE Shadow Series Jammer Arms are a premium attachment option for the RAZE Shadow series Rack range that provide the ability to perform numerous additional exercises, namely the Jammer Press, a staple in many strength & conditioning training programs. The Jammer arm attachments are an efficient, space, and cost-saving rack extension option in any training space.

The spring-loaded trigger release position adjustment system allows the Jammer arms to be easily reconfigured for many other dynamic pushing and pulling movements including uni-lateral/bi-lateral deadlifts, single-arm rows, shrugs, squats, overhead press, chest press, and many more.

The Jammer Arm pivots incorporate 2 sealed 25mm roller bearings delivering fluid rotation and low wear. In addition, 4 adjustable nylon rollers ensure minimum tolerance between the arm carriage and rack post for slick height adjustment and minimized take-up or movement during an exercise. Both elements have been carefully designed to maximize smoothness, robustness, and wear during use.

  • 220mm loadable weight sleeve
  • Adjustable height carriage with securing pin and quick-release plunger
  • Can be used with bar hooks, so you still retain rack functionality
  • Removable handle and weight holder assembly
  • Multi-position handles – 32mm diameter grips
  • Each arm weighs 20kg unloaded
  • Compatible with RAZE Shadow Series racks
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain
  • The RAZE Shadow Series jammer arms are manufactured to order and have a 6-week lead-time


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