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RAZE Rubber Kettlebells


RAZE Rubber Kettlebells


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A fantastically stylish, durable, and most importantly, useable kettlebell.

In our quest to create the finest and most usable kettlebell out there, we consulted with industry experts and kettlebell masters over aspects such as size, shape and feel to ensure we got it just right. Every dimension has been checked, trialled and verified, with the handle being painstakingly designed to provide an ergonomically perfect fit, using either one or two hands.

Once the design was right we needed to back it up with quality materials and craftsmanship, so we covered the kettlebell with a special rubber compound with excellent hard-wearing capabilities, and selected a satin hard chrome finish for the handle to give an exceptional feel when swinging.

Large weight indicators are wisely positioned on the top of the bell, making them really easy to read when the bells are stored on a rack.

Available from 4kg to 36kg


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