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RAZE Renegade Runner

RAZE Renegade Runner

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RAZE Renegade Curve Runner

A treadmill like no other, the RAZE Renegade Curve Runner uses no power or motors, running entirely on your own drive and energy, delivering maximum calorie burn.

RAZE Renegade Runner Features

  • Designed to be your perfect partner for high intensity interval training (HIIT).  You can change speed at will, no need to press buttons and wait for the motor to speed up or slow down
  • Large, smooth, curved running deck – feels more natural to run on than a flat deck
  • 4 levels of resistance – switch from running to a leg drive – work on your speed and power.
  • 3mm main frame structure for superior strength
  • Low maintenance – no belt tension to adjust, no decks or motors to replace

The Renegade’s Performance Monitor provides a comprehensive view of your workout data

  • Large LCD screen displays all workout data in easy to read format.
  • Stay motivated with 8 workout modes, including 10/20 and 20/10 intervals, target settings and heart rate control.
  • Easy one-touch mode selector.
  • Power output is shown in watts, giving you an accurate measurement to track your progress and improve your performance on the renegade air bike.


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