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RAZE R-Sport Colour Bumper Plates (Ex-Competition)


RAZE R-Sport Colour Bumper Plates (Ex-Competition)

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RAZE ‘R-Sport’ training plates are an excellent entry level in to the world of lifting.

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RAZE R-Sport colour bumper plates are an excellent entry level into the world of lifting.

They conform to the IWF specs of 450mm diameter with a 50.4mm centre hole – which has been reinforced with a stainless-steel sleeve.

The ‘R-Sport’ colour bumper plate is manufactured using a different formula than our ‘Shadow Series’ or ‘Zenith Series’ plates, with the outcome being a harder plate with minimal bounce while still maintaining a good level of durability. The R-Sport plates are also slightly thinner, so you might be able to squeeze an extra one onto the bar!

Drop tested to 8,000 cycles, the R-Sport is a reliable workhorse of a plate – they will not let you down.


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