RAZE Deadlift Bar

RAZE Deadlift Bar


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Hex Bar training has gained a popular following due to the fact the body is in a better position, the lower back in particular. It’s the safe alternative to getting the benefit of a squat and a deadlift in one single movement. If you are looking to recruit more hamstring and back extensor recruitment, then lifting with a straight bar is the better option, but if you have new lifters, injured athletes or want to develop power, you won’t go wrong with the Raze deadlift bar.

Internally, the RAZE deadlift bar has stacks of room, it allows for the frame to be used for farmers walks and split stance lifts but also allows lifters to take a wider foot position should they choose to.

Bar sleeves are machined to a precise 50mm (1.975 inches), this ensures all Olympic weight plates can be used on the bar.

With the hex bar being the full 220cm (7ft) in length, they can safely be used on platforms, without damaging the lifting area.

Max Weight Capacity is 600kg

Note: If performing jump movements or explosive pulls, it is advised solid rubber bumper plates are used instead of iron, as they rebound better when impacting the floor, reducing impact on shoulders and other joints used when holding the bar.


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