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RAZE Container Gym Facility

RAZE Container Gym Facility


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The RAZE container gym facility is a semi-permanent training facility that’s suitable for year-round use, whatever the weather.

The training facility is constructed using four key elements:

  • two 20′ shipping containers
  • fabric shelter
  • outdoor gym flooring
  • training equipment

This creates a high-quality, covered training environment that can be used for a variety of training styles and activities.  Plus, plenty of additional options exist to create an outdoor training facility that perfectly matches your needs, such as:

  • you can add gym flooring inside the containers
  • the containers can be insulated to protect equipment against the elements
  • roller shutter doors added to the side of containers, for easy access
  • lighting and heating options, for under the shelter and inside the containers
  • full height walls can be added to the shelter to create more of a closed space
  • your branding can be added to the containers and the shelter
  • training frameworks such as racks, rigs, rope climbs, and pull-up bars, can all be custom configured and fixed to the containers either under the shelter or on the external container walls
  • the internal components of the containers, such as equipment storage, as well as equipment mix can all be configured to meet your exact needs.

Everything is designed and manufactured in Britain, and we will also take care of the on-site installation.


Why Should i Think About Container Insulation?

There are several reasons to insulate shipping containers. Doing so reduces extremes of temperature (hot and cold) and reduces the risk of condensation, prevents items from freezing, and is particularly useful for storing valuable items.


More About Our Fabric Shelter

It’s the industry-leading container shelter and is the ideal solution for creating a temporary covered training space.  It’s is a truly heavy-duty structure, engineered to withstand years of service in demanding environments.

The shelter features an integrated translucent roof strip that allows diffused natural light into the covered area, creating a much more useful training space and reducing the need to run electricity for lighting.

Heavy-duty frame

Combines heavy-duty MAGNAtube® and Z35 structural steel in its framework to ensure it stands the test of time. With our cross-bracing and tensioning system, the canopy is highly resistant to damage from adverse weather.

Unique clamping system

The bespoke clamping bar uses a special configuration of clamps and fixing plates to secure the canopy frame to each shipping container without any cutting, drilling, or welding. The clamping bar utilises a neoprene rubber strip to create a seal between the canopy and the containers, minimising any water ingress into the covered area.

Durable PVC canopy cover

The canopy’s cladding is constructed from a 600gsm PVC coated fabric, which is fully tensioned across the steel frame. The fabric cover is capable of exceeding 20+ years in lifespan.

Designed to withstand wind & snow

It  is engineered to perform in demanding conditions. Wind loading is calculated to 500N/m2 (equivalent to 102km/h)  in line with European standard BS EN 1993. Snow loading is calculated to 420N/m2 and drifted snow load is calculated to 840N/m2, in line with BS EN 1991.


Outdoor, Deployable, and Container based training facilities

Manufactured in Britain by IndigoFitness, the RAZE Deployable and Container Based Training Solutions are designed to take training outdoors, whatever the environment. Years of working alongside the armed forces and performance coaches has enabled us to develop a range of solutions to meet any training requirement, whether that be a small group system that needs storing away after every session or a fixed facility to cater for over 100 athletes. Benefitting from a range of unique features and using only the highest quality materials, our deployable training solutions will deliver for you, time and again.

Widely used by the British and U.S. Military, our deployable training solutions have also benefited a wide range of users such as schools, functional training gyms, sports clubs, and local authority leisure centres. Wherever you have under-utilised outdoor space, there is an opportunity to take one of our solutions and offer something extra to your members, pupils, or athletes. If you like the idea of an outdoor solution, but see something that exactly meets your needs, get in touch – we are designers and manufacturers and can turn your ideas into reality!


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