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MyZone MZ-60 Watch

MyZone MZ-60 Watch

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Displays heart rate data from your MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt. Pair the MyZone MZ-60 watch with your MZ-3 belt and see your heart rate, intensity level, MEPs (Myzone Effort Points), and calories without interrupting your flow. With a built-in stopwatch and timer, the MZ-60 is the perfect training partner for your MZ-3 or MZ-Switch. 100% motivation guaranteed. Don’t forget to belt up before you go – the MZ-60 watch won’t pick up your heart rate without one.

  • Pairs with the MZ-3 so you can work out phone-free
  • Displays your real-time data – see your heart rate, MEPs, and calorie burn right on your wrist.
  • Stores your info in one place.
  • Shows digital time and date (we wouldn’t leave out the basics).
  • Adjustable strap and backlight
  • Stopwatch, count-down timer, alarm, and interval timers come in handy during your workout.
  • Water Resistant

Please note – you will need both your Myzone app and Myzone device with you to pair your MZ-60. As a reminder, your MZ-60 watch is strictly a companion piece to your device (MZ-3,MZ-1 or MZ-Switch); it will not store data or upload the data to your account.


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