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Hytro Product Information

Developed alongside scientists and fitness experts, Hytro TechWear incorporates Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) technology helping you maximise your workout.
BFR training is scientifically proven to significantly increase muscle size and strength.

Strap In! Apply the strap for 5 minutes at the end of your workout to use BFR as a finisher – taking your results to the next level.
Reach your goals using 20-30% of your 1 rep max or even bodyweight.

BFR can also be used as an effective session on its own. Strap in for 15-20 minutes for a time-efficient workout.

Product Features

Contour Fit

Dry release sweat wicking fabric

Laboratory tested for durability


The BFR technology allows blood rich in oxygen to flow into the arms while at the same time occluding the return flow of de-oxygenated blood. This causes significant metabolic stress and cellular swelling in the muscles, resulting in increased growth factors, muscle size and strength in the arms and surrounding muscles.


Special material blends have been carefully chosen for comfort, performance, and longevity, while also containing patented technology to increase muscle size and strength. This product is unlike anything else currently available in the market and is a first in the world of Performance TechWear.


The BFR technology, not only helps the area you are targeting but has wider effects across the body including:

  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Enhanced muscle fibre recruitment
  • Full body (systemic) enhanced muscle building hormones
  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Improved joint health

“I use Hytro to give me added stimulus to help achieve my strength and hypertrophy goals. The garment is incredibly comfortable and easy to use making BFR training a seamless integration into my training sessions.” 

Ollie Marchon

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