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DC Block “Double Wide”

DC Block “Double Wide”

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DC Block Double Wide Weight Mats

The DC Block Double Wide Weight Mats have a larger pulling surface. The “Double Wide” fits on top of two Original, crenelated DC Blocks placed side-by-side. This is an inexpensive way to have a large pulling surface or a set of portable jerk boxes.  Also great for step-ups and plyometrics.

Same great design as “The Original”, providing an interlocking, lightweight, and virtually indestructible weightlifting block.  Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics with extreme impact durability.  Is also UV resistant.

  • Sold as singles
  • W: 48cm (19”) x L: 79cm (31”) x H: 5cm (2”)

Lifting from blocks allows lifters to correctly place their body and the bar in the optimum position to quickly and repeatedly impart the greatest amount of force with the greatest velocity possible. This violent movement develops huge power output that transfers to many sports, especially weightlifting. Incredible power is developed using blocks vs. lifting from the hang position, usually an inefficient position to begin with. 


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