All the RAZE weightlifting bars are made from a high quality steel shaft which is 100% stress tested during production. Each features the RAZE signature dual profile knurling - light in the centre and deeper at the edges - which has been carefully designed to offer the right amount of grip without being too aggressive. The sleeves are constructed from seamless steel and finished with a light ribbing to prevent collar slippage.

Black Series

If you’re looking for an all-round performer with excellent balance between performance and affordability, you won’t find better than the RAZE Black Series bars

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Premium Series

When you take your Olympic lifting to the next level you really should be looking at the RAZE Premium bars.

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Elite Series

If you're after the best, look no further than the RAZE Elite Series bar

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Technique Bar

The ultra-light 7kg RAZE Technique Bar has been developed specifically for those who are new to weight training and Olympic lifting

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