Power Bands

The kings of variety!  RAZE power bands are useful in almost any training routine and are a great way to safely add intensity without adding weight.

Power bands are also small, light and transportable so you can train anywhere, anytime….No more excuses.


So many uses.....

Used on their own power bands are excellent for stretching, joint mobility and pre-activation routines, but combined with equipment they can also add some real variation to your strength training.  This is down to the fact that power bands vary resistance over the duration of a movement - more stretch = more resistance.

The lighter (thinner) bands are great for prehab, rehab, joint mobility, and stretching.  The heavier (wider) bands are more suited to strength and power applications such as squats and deadlifts, and assisting in bodyweight movements such as pull ups and dips.

Only the best quality

To guarantee strength and quality, RAZE power bands are made from 100% pure natural latex sheets, bonded together in layers then sliced to various widths to form the different sizes – they are virtually unbreakable!

The power bands are closed loop and 41” long when lay flat.  Available in the following widths:

6.5mm (orange), 13mm (red), 22mm (black), 28mm (purple), 44mm (green), 63mm (blue), 83mm (orange)