Virtually indestructible

The dumbell heads are precision machined from solid steel before being covered in a non-porous, odourless, rubber compound that’s been rigorously tested for toughness and durability.  The rubber is injection moulded to give the weights a higher level of accuracy and a more consistent finish.



Stylishly designed

In keeping with the RAZE philosophy for strong visuals, these dumbells feature the RAZE blade design moulded directly into the dumbell head and benefit from contrasting colour, easy to read weight indicators.

All the way to 60kg

RAZE dumbells are available from 2.5kg through to 60kg, in 2.5kg increments.

Each dumbell has the same 152mm long, hardened chrome, straight handle.  Up to 25kg the handle is 32mm diameter and the heavier weights feature a 34mm diameter handle.

The knurl is deep set for a confident grip.