Deadlift Bar

RAZE has taken the traditional hex bar and literally flipped it on its head.

The machine knurled raised handles allow dead-jumps, shrugs, and carries to be performed from a higher starting position and the sharper knurled lower handle is accessed by flipping over the bar, giving the same starting point as you would get on a straight deadlift bar.


It's all about the hex

The hex shaped bar means you stand inside it and grip the handles laterally, providing a more natural hand position.  It’s great for teaching deadlift technique as the load is placed inline with the body, encouraging you to stay upright and placing more of the load on your legs than your back.  It also means you won’t end up scuffing your shins when deadlifting – always a bonus!

The large hex size also allows the bar to be used for farmers’ walks and split stance lifts, or simply a wider foot position.

The specs

The bar is a full 220cm (7ft) in length, so it can safely be used on platforms without damaging the lifting area. Bar sleeves are machined to a precise 50mm (1.975 inches), ensuring all Olympic weight plates can be used.

Max weight capacity is 600kg