Right tool for the job

The RAZE Wall Ball has been designed for sport specific training and dynamic movements.

Constructed from high quality textiles with double stitched seams throughout – this highly durable yet soft construction makes it suitable for all user abilities and fitness levels.

Now available in 9kg version!


Durable construction


Lighter wall balls can be used for traditional core strengthening exercises such as weighted sit-up & throws and Russian twists.  The heavier wall balls can be used for carries, loading drills, explosive throws, power development sessions, and in conditioning workouts.

A must for any serious training facility where steady progression is required.

Progressive loading

Each ball is the same 36cm (14”) diameter so you can progress up and down the weights without having to worry about altering your technique - particularly useful in group fitness and PT environment where you have different size and shape users.

Available in the following sizes:

4kk, 6kg, 8kg, 9kg, 10kg, 12kg