Soft plyometric boxes

Our incredibly versatile soft plyo boxes are perfect for the development of explosive power. 


Soft but stable

Made from foam covered with a hard wearing, wipe clean vinyl, they offer a soft but stable landing surface (90cm x 75cm) that reduces stress on joints – plus there’s no danger of shin damage if you miss a jump!

Boxes can be used individually or securely attached together to allow many variations in height up to a maximum of 160cm (5’ 3”).  They are also light enough to easily move around your training space.

The key stats

Available in 3” (7.5cm), 6” (15cm), 12” (30cm), 18” (45cm), 24” (60cm) heights

Large landing area of 90cm x 75cm

Covered in wipe clean vinyl

Velcro the boxes together for extra height