Gymnastic rings

Whether you're a gymnast or not, training with gymnastic rings have immense benefits. Just look at a gymnast!   Many people would agree that they have perfect physiques.

We have 2 styles available, both featuring heavy duty adjustment bracket, strong 38mm straps and stitched in space markings.


Upper body strength

Using rings focuses on true functional training that builds superior upper body strength, balance and stability. You develop a lean, defined physique with a high strength to size ratio. You do natural, compound movements that are kind on the joints with no fixed path of motion.   You improve your shoulder stability and flexibility and improve your core strength dramatically.

Two styles

Both feature super strong, 6m long x 38mm wide straps with stitched-in numbers and space markings so you can easily line up your rings – no more guessing!

Classic rings are Olympic regulation 28mm diameter.

Wooden rings are an oversized 32mm diameter, easier to maintain false grip and train for that first muscle up!